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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Girls 3-Point Challenge Competitors

The first WIAA 3-Point Challenge will be conducted on Saturday, March 14 - 9 a.m. at the Resch Center in Green Bay.  The field of contestants is now final.  The top two shooters from each division will compete against each other to determine the overall champion.  WisSports compiled the stats and determined the top finishers per division.  If a school's team qualified, that competitor was not eligible for the Challenge.

On Saturday, anyone wishing to see the Challenge may enter the Resch Center beginning at 8:15 a.m.  If you have a ticket for the Saturday Championship games for Divisions 5-4-3, that ticket will be good for the Challenge as well. Otherwise, tickets will be on sale at the Resch Center during the entire Girls State Basketball Tournament.

The WIAA shall do a blind draw to determine the shooting order for all rounds.  The order will be announced prior to the date of the competition.  The shooting order for each round, after the first round, shall be in reverse (fewest made to most made) order of their score for the previous round.

A warm-up period of three (3) minutes will be provided before the start of each round of competition and one (1) minute warm-up period before each tiebreaker.  

Each shooter will shoot one round consisting of five racks of five (5) balls (total of 25 balls).

Beginning with Rack 1, shooters will compete in a round and rotate through the 5 racks as follows:

Rack 1 - right corner

Rack 2 - right side of free throw line extended

Rack 3 - top of circle

Rack 4 - left side of free throw line extended

Rack 5 - left corner

Each made shot will count as 1 point.  The last ball on each rack will count for 2 points.

There will be a time limit of one (1) minute per shooter each round.  

Quarterfinal Round - 5 shooters on each end (5 rounds)

Semifinal Round - Top 4 shooters (point total) advance (2 rounds)

Final Round - Top 2 shooters (point total) advance (1 round).  Best score gets choice of going first or second.

Awards:   Plaque presented to winner along with medals to all qualifiers.

Ball: The Spalding Classic will be the official ball of the 3-Point Challenge


                                                                                                                   3PM    3PA     3P%

Caroline Busch, Brookfield Central (10)                          Division 1                   59       121     .488

Katie Walz, Waukesha West (12)                                  Division 1                   41       94       .436

Sammy Kozlowski, New Berlin Eisenhower (12)             Division 2                   53       110     .482

Madison Blair, Waterford (12)                                       Division 2                   43       94       .457

Kylie Moe, Brodhead (11)                                            Division 3                   38       95       .400

Riley Spear, Marshall (12)                                           Division 3                   30       75       .400

Jamie Spanbauer, Lourdes Academy (12)                     Division 4                   66       138     .478

Emily Hafemann, Martin Luther (10)                              Division 4                   44       94      .468

Amber Baehman, Tri-County (9)                                   Division 5                   36       92      .391

Shelly Kneifl, Abbotsford (12)                                      Division 5                   32       85       .376


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