Competitive Balance Ad Hoc Committee Conducts First Meeting

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Competitive Balance Ad Hoc Committee Conducts First Meeting

Monday, December 6, 2021

Competitive Balance Ad Hoc Committee Conducts First Meeting

The committee appointed Jordan Sinz, district administrator at Wisconsin Heights School District, and Michelle Guyant-Holloway, athletic director at Wauwatosa East High School, as co-chairs of the committee.

Following introductions, the committee’s objectives for the first meeting, a brief timeline of the competitive balance history, an analysis and review comments made at the Area Meetings, and an acknowledgement of the previous competitive balance committee efforts in 2014 were presented.

The committee acknowledged an understanding there is a perceived issue with competitive balance, and began conversations regarding identification of the contributing factors.

In an effort to identify the resources needed to create and implement a plan, the committee voted to consider pursuing firms to develop a communication plan and to analyze data, which the committee determines to be relevant.

To provide continual communication and transparency throughout the process, the committee approved a plan to disseminate information following each meeting. In addition, a portal to receive feedback from member schools available through the restricted School Directory on the WIAA website will be available to school administrators.

The committee approved a schedule to meet twice monthly, including once in-person and once virtually. The next meeting is via Zoom on Tuesday, Dec. 16 at 10 p.m. Member schools are encouraged to share information with members of the committee via the electronic portal. The 24 members of the Competitive Balance Ad Hoc Committee are:

Mike Beighley, Superintendent at Whitehall
Nathan Burklund, Superintendent at Niagara
Brad Ceranski, Principal/Athletic Director at Fall Creek
Kurt Cohen, District Administrator at Potosi
Eric Coleman, Student Services Supervisor at Milwaukee Public Schools
Timothy Flood,  Athletic Director at Green Bay Area School District
Tyree Gamble, Athletic Director at Clinton
Bryon Graun, Athletic Director at Colby
Michelle Guyant-Holloway, Athletic Director at Wauwatosa East
John Handel,  Athletic Director at Elkhorn
Cory Hinkel, Superintendent at Luck
Mark Holzman, Superintendent at Manitowoc
Bob Houts, District Administrator at Owen-Withee
Kelly Isselmann, Athletic Director at Valders
Mike Johnson, Superintendent in Eau Claire
Ted Knutson, President at Aquinas
Michael Lambrecht, Principal at Columbus Catholic
Peggy Larson, District Administrator at Winneconne
Patrick Mans, Superintendent at Crivitz
Karl Morrin, Superintendent at Florence
Douglas Parker, District Administrator at Big Foot
Jordan Sinz,  District Administrator at Wisconsin Heights
Thomas Wermuth, District Administrator at Adams-Friendship
Christopher Zwettler, Athletic Director at Edgewood

Following the August Board of Control meeting when the initiative to form a Competitive Balance Ad Hoc Committee was approved, the executive office received more than 200 school administrators who volunteered to serve on the committee. The makeup of the committee was determined by the Board of Control following input from the Sports Advisory Committee and Advisory Council as well as feedback from the seven Area Meetings in September.

Emphasis for inclusion on the committee was given to having representation that reflects the composition of the membership, including public and private schools; small, medium and large schools; and the three levels of school leadership comprising of athletic directors, principals, and presidents or superintendents. Gender and ethnicity representation is also included on the committee.

The membership of the WIAA oversees interscholastic athletic programs for 516 senior high schools and 45 junior high/middle level schools in its membership. It sponsors 27 championship Tournament Series for boys and girls in 2021-22. 

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