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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Sportsmanship Plus - Girls Soccer

Mount Horeb @ Sauk Prairie
May 14, 2018

Prior to and during the soccer game, other activities were occurring including lacrosse practice, tennis practice, and track practice. There were well over 100 Sauk Prairie high school students, athletes, and coaches in the area in addition to the 100 or so soccer athletes, coaches, spectators, and officials. During the National Anthem, I looked around to see every person, not just those involved with the soccer game, standing in silence and facing the flag including the tennis, track, and lacrosse athletes as well as students walking by in the parking lot. It was an amazing display of respect, patriotism, and sportsmanship for the entire school. The parents and educators should be very proud of these students.

Reporting Official:  Jason Cram