Emergency Action Plan

The Emergency Action Plan

Emergency situations may arise at any time during athletic events. Expedient action must be taken in order to provide the best possible care to the sport participant. The development and implementation of an emergency action plan will help ensure that the best care will be provided.

Coaches and Athletes Need to Know:

Appropriate Care of Spine Injured Athlete - Updated  Update Note

HAVE A PLAN which TELLS the people WHAT TO DO.  Establish teams:

  • Call 911 Team (6 Students)
    • Find nearest phone & call 911
    • Meet the Ambulance
    • Call Contacts
  • CPR/AED Team (4 Students)
    • Start CPR
    • When AED arrives
    • Turn It On and Follow Voice Prompts
  • AED Team (4 Students)
    • Get the AED
    • Get the Athletic Director
  • Heat Stroke Team (4 students)
    • Fill tub daily
    • Get water, ice and towels

For each team there are two steps that must be completed:

  • Identify WHAT the TEAM needs to know
  • Identify WHO will be on each TEAM



Please review the regulations that provide for safe & healthful facilities for competitors and spectators as outlined in state statutes 254.11 to 254.178 and be familiar with school emergency evacuation procedures.

WIAA Member School AED Pricing

This year the distributor has provided another offer good for the 2018 calendar year.  Here are links to the flyers:

Heart Sine Brochure

Heart Sine Technical Info

AED Plus Brochure

Here are links to the sheets to order:

Philips On Site

Heartsine 360P Semi-Auto

Heartsine 360P Automatic

Zoll AED Plus

Components of the Plan

Components of an Emergency Plan

1. Emergency Personnel

2. Emergency Communication

3. Emergency Equipment

4. Roles of First Responder

5. Venue Directions with a Map

6. Emergency Action Plan Checklist for Non-Medical Emergencies


Compression only CPR

AED Education

Save-A-Life Simulator - Video simulation of sudden cardiac arrest in a public setting and appropriate response

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