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Rules and Regulations

Rule Changes

3-3-5  If a goalkeeper's mask, helmet or glove(s) is displaced, play shall be immediately stopped.

5-2-3  Effective for the 2013-14 season - The on-ice officials shall be dressed in black trousers, an official's sweater and a black HECC-certified ice hockey helmet with chin strap fastened and a half shield which meets the HECC certification at the time of manufacture.  They shall be equipped with whistles.  The referees in the three-official or four-official system shall wear arm bands. (*2012-13 Approved Rule Change)

6-7-2  No player shall push, charge, cross-check or body-check an opponent from behind. Hitting from behind into the boards or goal frame is a flagrant violation  PENALTY:  MAJOR and MISCONDUCT or if flagrant, GAME DISQUALIFICATION.

6-18-4 NEW  If the puck is batted directly on goal by the attacking team, there is an immediate whistle.  PENALTY:  Faceoff at the defensive zone faceoff spot of the offending team.

6-41-3 NEW  No player shall deliver a check to an unsuspecting and vulnerable player.  PENALTY:  MINOR or if flagrant, MAJOR or GAME DISQUALIFICATION must be assessed.

6-42-1 NEW  A player shall not attempt to draw a penalty through any exaggerated or deceitful action.  PENALTY: MINOR.

6-42-2 NEW  A player who has been fouled shall not exaggerate the impact of the foul  An embellishment penalty may be called in conjunction with an opponent's penalty. PENALTY: MINOR.

6.42.1 SITUATION – A1 is moving the puck down the ice when B1 approaches A1 from the side. At the last moment, A1 turns and exposes his back to B1 as contact is made. RULING: No penalty to B1 since A1 deliberately turned to create a penalty situation. A1 may be penalized for attempting to create the penalty situation.
The intent of embellishment is to call penalties on players that “exaggerate” to create a penalty. With that being said, a check from behind is a check from behind and officials need to remain firm on calling it. The embellishment penalty can be used when players throw themselves into the board to appear to the officials that they have been checked from behind. Remember, one player can go to the box for a penalty (elbowing, tripping, roughing, etc.) and another player on the same play could go to the penalty box for embellishment. 

2013-14 Points of Emphasis

Dangerous Hits
Concussion Recognition and Management
Printable Version - Please print and place in your rules book for reference.

a. There is no limit to squad size and no limit on nonplayers in the team box during the regular season.
b. Any player receiving a total of four penalties (minor, major, or misconduct) in a game shall be removed from participation for the balance of that game. This does not include bench penalties served by the player or violations resulting in penalty shots. The ejection is not considered a game misconduct or game disqualification.
c. Players ejected for any reason are to remain on their team bench under the supervision of their coach. If off bench, adult, school personnel must be provided.
d. Game disqualification penalties will be applied from the end of one season to the beginning of the next season of varsity sports the player is involved in.
e. If at any time, starting in the second period, when a team is leading by six goals, the clock shall run continuously except for:
(1) When a goal is scored.
(2) When a penalty is assessed.
(3) An injury.
(4) A timeout.
(5) Any emergency situation requiring repairs to the ice, Plexiglas, lights, scoreboard, etc., (not to include player equipment other than goalies).
If a penalty terminates during a stoppage of play in a running clock situation, the player serving the penalty will not be allowed to return to the ice until play resumes following that stoppage of play.
f. For regular season tournaments an alternate tie-breaking procedure may be determined by the host school. However, any hockey game where an alternate tie-breaking procedure is used (not including a sudden-victory during an eight-minute NFHS overtime period) is to be listed as a tie on a team's season record.
g. Following the assessment of the third set of coincident minor penalties for infractions occurring between two opposing players, after a stoppage of play for “chippy con
duct” the Referee will inform both teams. Any further infractions of this type will result in automatic misconduct penalties.
being assessed (coincidental minor shall not be assessed in these situations). Some examples of these types of “chippy” penalties occurring after a stoppage of play are: roughing, head contact, unsportsmanlike conduct, avoidable contact after stoppage, slashing, high sticking, and cross checking.
h. A game disqualification penalty issued for fighting shall result in a three game suspension for the player(s) assessed the penalty. 
a. Schools are to play 17-minute periods for all regular season and tournament series games.
b. A 12-minute warm-up and a 12-minute intermission must be used unless extenuating circumstances (senior night, parents’ night, local youth programs, etc.) are indicated to the officials and visiting team.
c. All school-aged, team attendants (managers, student trainers, statisticians, etc.) are required to wear an ice hockey helmet with full facemask and chin straps which are securely fastened to the head, when in exposed team areas.
d. It is required that all facilities (indoor and outdoor) have a screen or Plexiglas beginning at the top of the side and endboards and to a height adequate to (a) protect spectators at rink side from the puck and sticks and (b) prevent spectators from leaning over the boards and interfering with play. A screen shall be of heavy enough wire and small enough mesh to ensure that it will stop the puck and not allow it to become lodged in the screen. This screen or Plexiglas shall completely encircle the rink except for the player and penalty bench area.
e. The referees’ duties shall include certification of the official scoresheet by their signatures and officials number.
f. Members of teams below the varsity level will not be penalized for failing to wear uniforms prescribed in the rules provided: 1) a reasonable attempt is made to conform to the regulations and 2) participant safety is not jeopardized. The WIAA office should be informed about questionable situations.
g. JV ice hockey players and their JV teams will be suspended at the conclusion of any game/tournament when the second game disqualification penalty of the year is assessed.  The suspension will continue until a review by the WIAA office determines the JV team can be allowed to compete.  
h. Coaches must report DQs to their school administration within 48 hours following a contest where a DQ penalty was assessed to their school’s hockey team.  School administrators must then report the DQ to the WIAA office via written communication within three (3) school days following the contest where the DQ penalty was assessed.  The written communication must also include a plan of action to prevent future Game Disqualification penalties by their school team.  Officials will continue to provide electronic reports to the WIAA office
a. At the discretion of home management, cheerleaders may be permitted to lead cheers from on the ice. They must be limited to before the game and between periods only. They are not to be allowed on the ice:
(1) During a period.
(2) Between periods when players are on the ice.
(3) After the contest.

2013-14 Rule Differences (posted 11/14/13)

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