Girls Golf - Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations

In January, the WIAA Board of Control approved the use of two coaches during golf matches.  The specific language of this regulation reads as follows:  “Two designated coaches are allowed to coach during competition.  The head coach and assistant coach need to be under contract with the school as golf coaches.”  This language can be found in the WIAA Senior High School Handbook.

During the WIAA tournament series, two passes will now be provided to school coaches.  Host schools will provide these passes to coaches at the Regional and Sectional meets while passes will be provided to coaches in their packets at the WIAA State Championship meet at University Ridge.  Coaches are to wear these passes to identify they are allowed to coach players during the tournament series.

Please note that both coaches do need to be under contract with the school in order to be identified as a coach.  This means that the school administration of that school has approved of each individual involved.

Any school coach identified as a “volunteer” coach, needs to be approved at the very least by the school administration, perhaps even the school board or governing body.  It can be very dangerous for head coaches to be working with a “volunteer” coach on their staff who has not been approved by the administration.  Many school districts have a contract of some sort for volunteers.

Two coaches are allowed at any level of programming.  So two coaches are allowed to coach on the course for JV golf teams per meet and two coaches are allowed on the course for varsity matches.

For the WIAA Sectional Meet and the WIAA State Championship, up to two coaches can be allowed to walk the fairways with an “individual” player.  Two coaches are also allowed to work with a school golf team during regular season meets and the entire WIAA tournament series.

Designated coaches are allowed to give rule options to their own players anytime, and rule options to other competitors ONLY when asked by that competitor.  They are not allowed on the greens or in the bunkers.  Coaches can rake bunkers for players in order to save time and reduce pace of play.

Players may accept verbal and hand signal advice from either of their designated coaches only.  Notes, tees, and other items left behind by teammates and/or coaches are prohibited.

Coaches cannot align players while the player is at address nor delay Pace of Play in any way.  The penalty for violation of the coaching rule is two strokes on the first offense and disqualification of player on the second offense by the same player.

During regular season meets, the host school handles administrative responsibilities for the meet.  The best way for coaches to identify who the two designated coaches are for each meet is to indicate this to the other coaches at the coaches meeting prior to the start of the meet.  In this way, all coaches know who the two designated coaches are for each team during the meet.  Name tags or some form of identification can be used by host schools to help identify a school’s two coaches for each meet.

Any one who has not been identified as one of the two “designated coaches” prior to the start of each meet, is not allowed to provide “advice” to players during a meet. 

In employing a coach, a coach is not allowed to have had contact with student-athletes he/she will be working with during the given sport season prior to the start of this same sport season.  WIAA Rules at a Glance—see Rule I.  Hiring a current high school student, who has been on the golf team and had contact with members of the golf team at school and on other occasions can only be identified as a violation of the WIAA Coaching Contact regulation.  Certainly, a student can be a manager/statistician handling duties like keeping stats and providing water, snacks, and other managerial responsibilities.  But cannot be approved as a coach, nor be allowed to wear a "badge" during a golf meet. 

IF there are any questions or concerns regarding the WIAA Two-Coach Rule, Tom Shafranski, WIAA Assistant Director is the contact person at the WIAA office.  Tom can be contacted via email at or by calling 715-344-8580.

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