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2018-19 Girls Basketball Information

2019 State Girls Basketball Tournament
Thursday-Saturday, March 7-9
Resch Center, Green Bay, Wis.
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Semifinals: Friday, March 8 - 6:35 p.m.
#4 Middleton (22-5) 62, #1 Mukwonago (24-2) 53 - Stats
#2 Bay Port (26-1) 63, #3 Kimberly (23-4) 53 - Stats

Championship Game: Saturday, March 9
Bay Port (27-1) 50, Middleton (22-6) 49 - Stats


Semifinals: Friday, March 8
#1 Beaver Dam (26-1) 68, #4 Hortonville (19-8) 48 - Stats 
#3 Monroe (21-6) 59, #2 Whitefish Bay (23-4) 47 - Stats

Championship Game: Saturday, March 9
Beaver Dam (27-1) 65, Monroe (21-6) 46 - Stats


Semifinals: Thursday, March 7
#1 Marshall (25-2) 58, #4 Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau (24-3) 37 - Stats
#2 Laconia (26-0) 67, #3 Freedom (23-3) 53 - Stats

Championship Game: Saturday, March 9
Marshall (26-2) 64, Laconia (27-1) 56 - Stats


Semifinals: Thursday, March 7 - 6:35 p.m.
#1 Aquinas (26-1) 77, #4 Milwaukee Acad. of Science (19-6) 59 - Stats
#2 Melrose-Mindoro (26-1) 63, #3 Colby (25-1)44 - Stats

Championship Game: Saturday, March 9
Aquinas (27-1) 65, Melrose-Mindoro (26-2) 39 - Stats


Quarterfinals: Friday, March 8
#1 Black Hawk (27-0) 71, #4 Fall River (24-3) 39 - Stats
#2 Clayton (27-0) 45,  #3 Newman Catholic (24-4) 37 - Stats

Championship Game: Saturday, March 9
Black Hawk (28-0) 51, Clayton (27-1) 36 - Stats

WIAA Season Information


  • Make sure coaching box is properly marked on floor. Measure 28 feet from the endline and place a piece of tape outside the boundary to mark the end of the box.
  • If you have a design/logo in the center of your basketball court, make sure that you have the center restraining circle and center line properly marked as required by NFHS rules. See page 9 of the current NFHS Basketball Rules book for details.
  • Please review the timing guidelines along with the introduction format. Please share this information with your scoring table personnel and announcer.  
  • Check the pressure of your rims. Many of you may have never had your rims pulled down and may not be "in proper condition". Check with the manufacturer to insure that your rims meet specifications -- pages 12-13 of the NFHS Basketball Rules book.


60 second time-out --- buzz warning horn with 15 seconds remaining
30 second time-out --- buzz warning horn with 15 seconds remaining
15 seconds to:

  1. replace a disqualified player (5 fouls) 
  2. replace an injured player.
  3. replace a player directed to leave the game


  • 18 minute halves
  • 1 minute interval prior to any overtime periods
  • 10 minute halftime (unless otherwise arranged ... parent nights, etc.)
  • Overtime periods - 4 minutes in length


  • 15:00: Warm-up Begins - officials enter court and go directly to positions to supervise warm-up.
  • 12:00: Officials conduct pregame meeting with team captains.
  • 10:00: Officials proceed to scoretable and check scorebooks, brief scorer and timer, check game ball for NFHS authenticating mark, and check alternating-possession arrow.
  • 1:30: Officials introduce themselves to coaching staff and inquire about legality of player equipment. Remove jackets and prepare to begin game.
  • 0:00: National Anthem or Pledge of Allegiance followed by introduction of players.

To honor America and those defending our freedom, we ask those who are able, to stand, remove your hats and place your hand over your heart for the playing of the National Anthem.


All five starters of the visiting team shall be introduced first followed by the five starters for the home team. Players shall not seek out the opposing coach to shake his/her hand. Players should proceed to the free throw circle in front of their bench and not run to the center of the floor.  Players should not clasp hands and/or hold hands and sway during the playing of the National Anthem.


We are required to follow NFHS uniform with regard to "pink events". Only pink socks, shoe laces, or shoes would be allowed. We have specific color requirements for wristbands and headbands. If you order uniforms, make sure you do not order pink as a color unless pink is very dark and can be used as your "dark uniform". White is required to be worn at home. Please proactive with your coach so that this doesn't become an issue if the team wishes to do a "pink event".


A daith piercing would be considered jewelry and needs to be removed prior to competition unless a waiver is requested and granted from the WIAA.  In order to get a waiver a medical statement from a licensed doctor would need to be submitted to the WIAA.  Coach will be provided with a waiver to show to officials prior to the game if approved.  Piercings must be taped/covered.

HEADBANDS:  Medical/Religious - Warp Around w/Knot

Specific procedures have been established for allowing a head covering to be worn for medical or religious reasons.  A player who is required to wear a head covering for medical or religious reasons must provide a physician statement or appropriate documented evidence to the WIAA for approval.  If approved, the WIAA shall provide written authorization to the school to be made available to officials.

Wrap-around headband with knot - illegal.  Skylar Diggins-type headband - illegal.

Basketball Q&A

December 2018

Question:  Team A is behind late in the game.  They have no time outs.  The shoot and make a shot.  After the ball goes through a player from team A immediately grabs the ball and throws it into the crowd.  It was an intentional act to stop the clock and to set up their press. 

Answer:  Refer to the NFHS Basketball Case Book (Page 77, Rule 10.2.1 Situation D)


Immediately following a goal by A1, A3 slaps the ball away so that Team B is unable to make a quick throw-in.  RULING:  The official shall sound his/her whistle and go to the table to have the scorer record a team warning for delay.  The warning shall then be reported to the head coach of Team A.  Any subsequent delay by Team A shall result in a team technical foul charged to Team A (4-47-3)

Question:  Towards the end of the game (say under 2 minutes), the coach for the defensive team is yelling and telling the players to foul, foul, foul - to stop the clock and maybe give their team a chance to get the ball back‚Äč.
What is the ruling?  Please let me know the rule or case book ref, and follow-up on this situation.  I thought this was not legal. Some coaches use a code word (red or similar) to indicate the team should foul, but I did not think it was ok to yell, foul, foul, etc. to stop the clock.

Answer:  Refer to the NFHS Basketball Case Book. (Page 28, Rule 4.19.3 Situation D)


Late in the fourth quarter Team B is trailing by six points.  Team B’s head coach begins to yell to his or her player to ‘foul, foul, foul!”  B1 responds by (a) grabbing A1 from behind, or (b) reaching for the ball but illegally contacting A1 on the arm.  RULING:  In (a), an intentional foul shall be ruled.  In (b), a common foul shall be ruled as B1 was making a legitimate attempt to ‘play the ball’.  COMMENT:  Fouling near the end of a game is an acceptable coaching and playing strategy.  Officials must determine if a foul is intentional by judging the fouling act itself, not wheter or not the coach instructed a player to perform the act.


Question:  Team A has the ball on the base line and inbounds it, touched by Team A then goes in the backcourt and is again touched by Team A.  This is over and back call - violation, is this correct?

Answer:  This would not be an over and back situation. There is TEAM control when the ball is in possession out of bounds.  There is not PLAYER CONTROL until the ball is entered.  Therefore, if PLAYER CONTROL has not been established, there cannot be an over and back.

WIAA 3-Point Challenge

Girls State Competition:   Saturday, March 9 - Resch Center, Green Bay - 9:30 a.m.
Boys State Competition:  Saturday, March 16 - Kohl Center, Madison - 9:30 a.m.

Eligibility: Only boys/girls at WIAA members schools who have dressed for/or occupied the team bench for a boys/girls varsity basketball game are eligible to participate in the Three-Point Challenge.

To enter the challenge, a boy/girl must be eligible under all the eligibility rules and conditions of 
competition of the WIAA.  

A player’s whose team qualifies for the State Tournament may not participate in the 3-Point Challenge.  

There shall be no substitutes or alternates in the 3-Point Challenge.

Using WISSPORTS stats, the top 2 players per division will be eligible for the contest based on percent age of shots made during regular season games only.  (Minimum of 75 3-point shots during the regular season.) 

Only players whose coaches enter their stats on WISSPORTS will be eligible for the competition.  NOTE: Coaches must enter stats in each of three dates.  Those dates are December 20, January 20 and February 18 by noon for girls and February 25 by noon for boys. 

Uniform: All participants shall wear their official school team uniform, which shall be the uniform jersey and shorts.  Uniform color shall be at the discretion of the participant.

Shooters who appear at the competition, not in a school uniform, shall be disqualified from the shooting contest.  Participants need to come dressed to compete - no locker rooms will be available.

Financial Assistance:  Each participant in the 3-Point Challenge will receive a complimentary ticket to be admitted to the Saturday afternoon session of the State Tournament.  Each participant is entitled to one additional ticket for his/her coach to accompany him/her to the event. Travel and lodging to and from the state venue will be at the athlete’s/school’s expense.


·     The WIAA will do a blind draw to determine the shooting order.  The order will be communicated to you when you arrive at the facility.  

·     After the first round, the order will be determined by the number of shots made in the first round.  

o  Fewest made will go first, most made will go last.

·     You will be given access to the floor at 9:10 a.m.

·     The balls used for the competition will be Spaulding Classic, and there will be one money ball on each rack, as well.

·     You will receive a warm-up period of 15 minutes prior to the start of Round 1.  

o  You will get 3 minutes of warm-up for each subsequent round

o  You will get 1 minute of warm-up for each tie breaker, if needed.

·     Each competitor will be introduced at the beginning of the competition.

·     Each shooter will shoot one round – consisting of 5 racks of 5 balls (a total of 25 balls)

o  An official will be on the court to determine that your shot was taken from behind the arc.

·     The racks will be placed as follows (looking from half court):

o  Rack 1: Right Corner

o  Rack 2: Right Wing

o  Rack 3: Top of the Key

o  Rack 4: Left Wing

o  Rack 5: Left Corner

·     You will receive 1 point for each made shot.  The last ball on each rack will count as 2 points.

·     You will have 1 minute to take all 25 shots.

·     The Rounds will go as follows:

o  Quarterfinal Round – All 10 shooters

o  Semifinal Round – Top 4 shooters (point total)

o  Final Round – Top 2 shooters (point total from this round only)

§ The individual with the most points in the Semifinal Round will choose if they want to shoot first or second in the Final Round.

·      The winner of the 3 Point Challenge will receive a plaque.  

o  All qualifiers will receive a medal

Please review this video to see how to upload your stats to WisSports.

Remember, in order for your players to be eligible for the 3-Point Challenge, you must enter your stats on WisSports.  Coaches must enter stats in each of three dates.  Those dates are December 20, January 20 and February 18 by noon for girls and February 25 by noon for boys. 

In basketball, not much is allowed when it comes to pink events.  If one team wears pink uniforms, the other team must wear white.  

Otherwise, the only things allowed would be: 

1) pink socks

 2) pink shoe laces

 3) pink warmups/t-shirts  

Pink wristbands or headbands are not allowed — unless the jersey is pink.  

A pink ball is not allowed.

Officials may use a pink whistle.

State Tournament Information

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2019 Tournament Brackets

Brackets will be live after all seeding meetings complete

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