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Friday, December 20, 2019

Wrong Wrestlers Compete

Q – If the wrong wrestler(s) compete in an individually bracketed event, does it count as one of their 5 exposures?

A – Yes. Once the referee blows the whistle to start the match, it will count as an exposure. Prior to that – NO! It makes no sense to penalize a wrestler for a clerical error when they did not actually wrestle any portion of the match. You will be supported by rule 6.2.2 – “the referee shall correct errors without penalty to the contestants”. Comment: This should never happen, but unfortunately it does all too often. It is a must that the referee have both contestants tell him / her (not the other way around) their full name (first and last) and then he (the official) verifies it with the official scorer. It is best for the referee to visually see the names on the bout sheet or on the computer screen. In addition, the coaches and athletes must also take ownership into this situation. They have some fault for allowing this to happen. Remember - this ruling does not apply in a dual match.


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