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Monday, December 7, 2020

Wrestling Multiple Matches & Uniforms

Q – If a wrestler is wrestling multiple matches in a night and the guidance is to change singlets/uniforms between each match, can a wrestler wear a non-school issued uniform (USA Wrestling, Academy, National team, etc.) as long as it meets the rule requirements?

A – No, all singlets must be school issued and are allowed only one manufacturers logo on them.  If the wrestler is wrestling three times in one night and has only two school issued uniforms, they will need to reuse one of them for the third match.

Q – How many matches can a wrestler wrestle in one night?

A – The match limit has always been 5 in one day for tournaments. Dual meets it has been one per dual. However, with the COVID exception this year a wrestler may wrestle in multiple exhibition matches during a dual meet, this number still should not exceed 5 matches in one day. All matches that were scheduled to be 5 minutes or more in length require a 45 minute rest period, matches scheduled.


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