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Monday, December 7, 2020

Wrestling & Masks

Q – What type of mask can a wrestler wear?

A – Wrestlers can wear any mask as long as it attaches at the ear or behind the head and does not pose a safety risk (large loops in the back, hard plastic pieces that are exposed, gaiters, bandannas, etc. are not allowed) The mask must be worn as intended with only school or manufacturers logos on the mask and must be sportsmanlike in manner

Q – If a wrestler’s mask comes off while he is getting pinned will the match be stopped?

A – Unless it is deemed a safety hazard (choking, strangulation, etc.) wrestling will not be stopped in a pinning situation if either wrestler’s mask comes off. Wrestling will continue until that situation has come to its natural conclusion. At that point the referee will stop the match and have the wrestler replace the mask. The mask will essentially be treated like headgear and follow those guidelines.

Q – What happens if there is blood on the mask?

A – The match will be stopped, blood time will begin and the wrestler will need a fresh mask. If the wrestler is bleeding that will need to be contained and the wrestler needs to be ready to wrestle before blood time stops. Coaches need to use gloves to handle any used masks and as always when dealing with blood.

Q – Can a wrestler change a sweaty, saturated mask to a fresh mask, during a match?

A – Yes, in between periods a wrestler can switch out their mask for a fresh dry mask as long as it does not cause a significant delay in the match. The coach should have the mask ready and hand it to the wrestler after they have asked permission from the official. Coaches should be wearing gloves to handle any used mask from a wrestler.


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