Weight Class Eligibility when utilizing the Consecutive Day Allowance

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Thursday, March 18, 2021

Weight Class Eligibility when utilizing the Consecutive Day Allowance


Note - this scenario factors in the 2 lb. growth allowance for December 25 and the 1 lb. allowance provided on the date of the Regional tournament.


The consecutive days allowances will also affect the weight class eligibility of wrestlers.


A wrestler’s actual weigh-in weight qualifies them for a weight class plus one class above.  With the added growth allowances and consecutive days after regionals, a wrestler must potentially weigh in more than 4 (or 5) lbs. over the class that is 2 below their competition class, and their maximum weight would be 4 (or 5) above the listed class.


An example to apply this to the sectional tournament when weather creates cancellations just prior to the sectional:


  • If an individual school was called off for Thursday AND Friday, all teams in that sectional would be allowed a TOTAL of 5 lbs. (3 already given plus 2 for school cancellations). In order to qualify for 106 the wrestler would not be able to exceed 111 lbs.; 113 would be 118, etc...


  • If a school was canceled on Friday, all teams in that sectional would be allowed a TOTAL of 4 lbs. (3 already given plus 1 for school cancellations) 106 lb. weight class would be 110, 113 would be 117, etc.


This also applies to the minimum weight for the day. For example, if 5 total pounds are allowed, in order for a wrestler to qualify for the 182 lb. weight class at the sectional, the wrestler would need to weigh a minimum of 165.1 lbs.  If it were a total of 4 lbs. they would need to weigh 164.1. 


Further examples:

Q: School A has school canceled on Thursday due to snow and Friday due to cold and was unable to practice on either day, what would the weight allowance be for a Saturday tournament?

A: Assuming proper notification was given. The maximum of a 2-lb. growth allowance would be given to all teams competing at that tournament. Therefore in order to qualify for 106, a wrestler could not exceed 111 lbs. (3 lb. growth allowance, plus 2 lb. consecutive days).


Q: School A had school canceled on Thursday due to snow but was in school on Friday. School B was in school on Thursday but canceled on Friday. What would the growth allowance be for the Saturday tournament? 

A: Assuming proper notification was given, a 1lb growth allowance would be given. The rationale being that no one school would be in their third consecutive day of either cancellation or competition. 


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