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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tape on Head Gear

Q: I understand you are not supposed to have tape on the ear guards of your head gear unless you are adding padding to the inner part of the ear guard because of cauliflower ear.  My question is: can you have tape on the straps to keep them from sliding down over your eyes. Example on the cliff keen headgear shown below: is it illegal to tape top straps back to back straps with a single row of athletic tape to help hold the top straps up? We had a wrestler dinged a match point last night because he had this strapped and I wanted to be clear on the ruling for the future. We asked officials at a tournament earlier this year if it was legal to do this and they said, at the time, that it was. We lost the match 2-1 so I was a little irritated.  Thanks for clearing this up for us. 
A: This is what we sent out last year and was brought up by Mike in the video this year:  Head Gear Reminder
The NFHS has reminded us that rule 4-1-5 "The uniform shall be worn as intended by the manufacturer" applies not only to the uniform, but also to the headgear. This means, as previously mentioned in the rules video, that the headgear should be free of all tape. Throughout recent years we have allowed  a small amount secured to the straps on the top of the headgear (to draw and keep them together) to allow for a more appropriate fit. We will continue to allow this, but are reminded that this is the only place that tape may be used to modify the headgear, and this must be inspected and approved by the meet official. If a wrestler has cauliflower ear, special taping and padding may be allowed as long as it is again approved by the meet official. 


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