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Friday, December 21, 2018

Supporting Points Q&A

Supporting Points Q&A


Q – What are the supporting points of the wrestlers while in a neutral position?

A – The feet, heels and toes of the wrestlers are their SP’s. As soon as they go down on the mat, whether control has been awarded or not, now the supporting points change.

Q – So then, what are the supporting points when wrestlers are down on the mat even though control has not been awarded?

A – The usual SP’s of either wrestler would now be the knee(s), the side of the thigh, buttocks, the hand(s), and the head. The toes, heels, and feet are never to be considered usual SP’s or unusual SP’s while down on the mat.

Q - What are the supporting points of the defensive wrestler while in near fall criteria?

A - 100% of the SP’s of the defensive wrestler when in a NF criteria are his shoulders or scapula. All other SP’s for the defensive wrestler do not apply at this time.

Q – If the defensive wrestler is in a NF situation outside the 28 foot circle, what are the supporting points of the offensive wrestler?

A –If the feet, including toes and heels of the offensive wrestler are inbounds, his knee(s) must be on, inside or above the boundary line (cylinder rule). This is the only time that feet/toes/heels would be allowed as SP’s for the offensivewrestler while down on the mat. They are never considered SP’s for the defensive wrestle when down on the mat.

Q – If the offensive wrestler is out of bounds, but the defensive wrestler is in NF criteria with one shoulder or scapula above the boundary line and the other out, can a NF be earned?

A - In this situation, any part of the defensive wrestlers shoulder or scapula is considered to be all the SP’s. Wrestling will continue as long as NF criteria are maintained. A NF/fall may be earned.

Q – When a takedown attempt occurs on the edge of the mat, are toes of the scoring contestant considered supporting points if they finish within the 28 foot circle and the opponent is out of bounds?

A – No they are not SP’s. Remember, toes are never considered supporting points while down on the mat. However, in this situation a TD is awarded. This is just a unique situation where aggressive wrestling is being awarded when it occurs as described.

Q –In the above situation, if the toes of the defensive wrestler finish down on the mat inbounds, and the wrestler attempting the takedown finishes outside the boundary line but is controlling his opponent, is this considered a takedown?

A – No! The scoring wrestler must finish with his toes down on the mat in bounds in order to be a takedown. It does not matter if his opponent’s feet / toes / heels finish in or out of the circle.  Again, the feet / heels or toes are never considered supporting points of either wrestler when down on the mat.



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