Stopping Match to Clean Up Bodily Fluids

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Stopping Match to Clean Up Bodily Fluids

Q: If a match is stopped because a wrestler has vomited or defecated in/on his uniform, how do you handle IT? If the uniform has to be changed, how is that handled?

A: The wrestler who vomits or one who defecates in his uniform will be charged with a time out and some time will be recorded for that time out. The logic, a healthy wrestler does not do that. A coach may disagree that he is not ill, but that is how it will be handled. Clean-up time (official’s time) will begin when said wrestler would be healthy enough to wrestle. Cleanup will be handled like clean-up of blood. If the uniform must be changed, treat it like you would a uniform covered with blood. All are considered a hazardous material and the official will allow a reasonable amount of time for the wrestler to go to the locker room and change the uniform. The time to change uniform would not be charged to the wrestler.  Perhaps another scenario may occur. The wrestler calls a time out to go to the bathroom. This would be a charged TO and they would have 1.5 minutes to do so. If this is their 2nd ITO, of course the time would be less than 1.5 minutes.


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