Shoelaces - One more time!

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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Shoelaces - One more time!

Q – Officials seem to be inconsistent across the state when it comes to stalling as it relates to the shoelaces. Can you make a simple concise statement on stalling as it pertains to shoelaces?

A – YES! This is as simple as it gets. Once you are checked in by the referee, ANYTIME the shoelaces become untied it is stalling.

Comment: Remember – coming out of a pouch or velcro cover is not untied. Tape coming loose or off of the laces, is not untied. Untied means you must re-tie the laces. Whenever you re-tie, it is stalling. You cannot tie your laces anytime during a wrestling match without it being considered stalling. I hope that is clear enough!


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