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    Friday, December 20, 2019

    Perimeter Near Fall - Two questions

    Q – While the defensive wrestler is in a NF situation outside the 28 ft. circle and the offensive wrestler has both feet in contact with the mat and one knee inbounds and one knee outside the cylinder. In this scenario, does the offensive wrestler have to keep the feet in contact with the mat to earn a fall or NF?

    A – The foot that has the corresponding knee off the mat must stay in contact with the mat. If it is elevated off the mat beyond reaction time, they are out of bounds. Whatever NF has been earned will be awarded.

    Q – So what about the foot with the knee that is in contact with the mat?

    A - If that knee remains in contact with the mat, then the foot of that leg may come off the mat. However, if the knee and foot are both off the mat at the same time, one must return within reaction time.


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