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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Ear Guards & Manufacturer's Logo

Clarification of Rule 4-1-4

In order to allow teams to prepare for implementation of the new rules for logos on ear guards, the NFHS has offered the following clarification.


"I wanted to clarify the NFHS Wrestling Rule 4-1-4 that deals with manufacturer’s logo on the ear guards. It was the intent of the NFHS Wrestling Rules committee to limit the number of locations that the manufacturer would be able to place their logo/trademark/reference on the product. Considering that the ear guards are viewed as one piece of the uniform/equipment requirement, the ear guard consists of two ear cups. The committee did not want to force manufacturers to decide which ear cup receives the logo and which does not. The focus is that only the ear cups will be allowed to have one logo on each side. The ear guards will not be allowed to have logo/trademark/reference on the straps of the ear guards, nor on the chin cup of the ear guard.

Ear guard manufacturers have been aware of the new rule and the implementation date effective July 1, 2022. They have had several years to exhaust their inventory and redesign their product(s). The restriction of the promotional or advocacy references is still in effect. The rules committee did not want our students to be exploited by local businesses/sponsors and/or well-meaning advocacy groups or movements. There are other ways to show support of those organizations without our wrestlers being turned into walking billboards."


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