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Friday, November 22, 2019

Ear Guards

EAR GUARDS 2019-20

Q – Are we requiring that a manufacturer’s logo may appear only once on ear guards?

A – No. Many manufacturers have put a manufacturer’s logo on each side of the ear guards. Until they get on board with the rule, we will allow them to appear on both sides of the ear guards as long as they each do not exceed the size restrictions of 2.25 inches square. The NFHS has recently acknowledged that this is fine.

Q – So what can appear on the sides of ear  guards?

A - The NFHS is determined to restrict non-school promotional references from appearing on the wrestling ear guards.  As they put it, they do not want to turn “HS wrestlers into walking billboards”. In Wisconsin, we will not accept ear guards that promote any form of advertising. This includes (but not limited to) promoting or advertising a business / corporation, a club, an academy, an event, a political party, an organization, a slogan, a religion, an award, a movie, special interest groups, or a college. In short, no advertising of any type!  Officials should be pro-active regarding this topic when they meet with teams in the locker room prior to competition.

Q – Are religiously affiliated schools allowed to have symbols (such a cross) that may be their logo or part of their logo?

A – Absolutely they should be allowed! We need to use common sense when it comes to what can appear on ear guards. We will not discriminate against any religion based school in regard to their ear guard logo(s). 

Q - What about non-advertising stickers / logos or pictures?

A – They will be allowed on both sides of the ear guards. Yes, this includes (but not limited to) school logos / school name / and the American flag, etc. They must be sportsmanlike in manner and no size limit will be enforced. Hopefully this simplifies things and makes the officials’ job much easier.

Q – What about commemorative or memorial patches?

A – As in the past, they will not be allowed without written WIAA approval.



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