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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Does the wrestler have control?

Q- Does the red (top) wrestler have control?

A- That answer is dependent upon how the situation began. This situation sometimes starts with red being in control, followed by a scramble and red (top wrestler) ending up as in the photo. Once this occurs and remains unchanged for 6-8 seconds - stalemate / restart / red maintains control. If neither wrestler was in control prior to the situation - stalemate (6-8 seconds) - restart - neutral position. If Green (bottom man) started in control - stalemate (6-8 seconds) / restart / green maintains control.

comments - The second photo (04) shows why you cannot gain control with this situation. The leg can be elevated by the bottom wrestler and he can maneuver out the back door. If that bottom man is working hard to elevate that leg and come out the back door, the 6-8 seconds may be extended. Perhaps this is how you have been making the call, but it has not been uniform across the state.

Summary: Control would be determined by who was in control prior to the position shown in the first picture. No control to start-no control now, red in control to start-still in control and green in control to start-still in control. Control prior to picture determines control. No progress made by either wrestler, stalemate the situation. The important thing to remember regarding this scenario, as referenced by many officials, is to give it a chance to play out. The 6-8 seconds referenced is after “all the dust has settled”.


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