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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Concussion Return to Competition/Practice - UPDATED

Q - Under the new concussion guidelines adopted by the WIAA, there seems to be some confusion out their regarding whether or not an athlete that shows signs, symptoms or behaviors of a concussion may return to competition the same day. In the past, in the sport of wrestling, we have allowed athletes showing these symptoms to leave the facility and get clearance from an appropriate health care profession to allow them to return to competition that same day. Is this acceptable?
A - A student who displays signs/symptoms of concussion, is diagnosed with a concussion, and/or is rendered unconscious shall not return to practice or competition during the same day. The student shall not return to practice or competition until approved in writing by an appropriate health care professional, but they may not return that same day. 

Keep in mind:  Not all athletes removed from play will have the signs/symptoms or be diagnosed with a concussion after being evaluated by the appropriate health care provider.  If cleared of having no signs/symptoms of a concussion or of being diagnosed without a concussion, the athlete may return.  


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