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Thursday, January 29, 2015


Q:  At a wrestling tournament, they have scramble format brackets set up. The 170 lb bracket has 14 wrestlers competing in a 16-man scramble format 2 bracket. This puts the two highest seeds in pools that have byes in them. At this tournament they weren't counting the byes for team points and told the coaches that they would not count as a win for the wrestler should he win his following match. This doesn't make much sense to me. In that case, wouldn't a coach be inclined to move his highly seeded wrestler down a few spots? This way the wrestler has the opportunity to get another win and the team could pick up a few more points should he win. In a tight, highly competitive tournament, this could mean the difference in a team finishing higher in the standings.

I know in other tournaments I have seen these byes count as individual wins if the wrestler wins his next match, even in scramble formatted tournaments? Was the coach given bad information, when he was told this doesn't count as a win for the wrestler?

A:  Byes are counted as wins if they win the next match. If they do not win the next match they are not counted as a win. This applies throughout the season not just regionals. A default occurs when a wrestler checks into the score table and is unable to continue wrestling for whatever reason. He receives a loss and is able to continue in the event. In addition, advancement points and potential pin points are scored for a bye if they win their next match.

If you were talking regionals, the information is on pages 50-55 in the Winter regulations.

From page 50:

Note: (1) All weight classes – even if there are four or less  wrestlers – must be set up and scored as  an eight wrestler bracket. Scoring must include appropriate points for all ensuing byes. (See d. (2) of SCORING)

From page 51:

e) All byes in the championship bracket or consolation bracket received during regular season

tournaments will count as wins if the wrestler won his next match in the bracket.

From page 55:

(2) Additional points at the regional level will be scored on the basis of eight man brackets and accumulate as follows:

Note: No points are awarded for pigtail/preliminary matches.

(a) Advancement points

1) Two points in championship flight competition and one point in wrestleback competition.

2) A wrestler receiving two successive byes will receive advancement points for each if he wins his next match.

3) Advancement point scoring for byes apply to the wrestleback  bracket as well as the championship bracket.

4) An advancement point is awarded to the wrestler that wins the  third place match in regional, even if a final wrestleback match is not necessary.

5) No advancement points are awarded for: Consolation Matches,  Championship and final wrestleback matches in regional, or in a weight class with only one wrestler.

From page 55:

Note: Every wrestler is entitled to the opportunity to score as many  points for his team as any other wrestler. It therefore becomes necessary to pay particular attention to situations involving byes. The following is offered to help clarify how to score these situations.

If a wrestler wins his first match, he is entitled to two advancement points and two pin points (a total of four points) for each bye he received before his win. If there are four wrestlers, each has received a bye in the first round (round of 8). If there are only three wrestlers, one has received two byes before his first match.

In the event there are only two wrestlers in the weight class, each has had two byes before they meet for the championship. The winner, therefore, is entitled to four advancement points and four pin points after winning the championship match. He would in addition earn first place points, as  well as any points earned by a pin, technical fall, or major decision in the championship match. The loser in this situation is entitled only to second place points.

In a weight class with only one wrestler, only place points will be  awarded. No advancement points are awarded unless a wrestler competes and wins.


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