Spring Sports Schedules Receive Reprieve

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Spring Sports Schedules Receive Reprieve

The WIAA Board of Control has approved "temporary scheduling relief" for spring sports schedules to address the significant scheduling challenges presented by the extreme inclement weather this spring.

The relief allows schools to schedule spring sports competitions as they become available, whether previously scheduled or not. The relief is extended to varsity and non-varsity levels and is limited to this spring season only.

The conditions of the relief include: 

1. The scheduling of opponents not on the original season schedule must be approved by school and/or

     district administration.

2.  First efforts must be to complete conference and previously scheduled games.

3. Individual and team maximums, as well as the baseball pitching rules remain in effect.

4.  All rescheduled games must conclude with the last day of the state finals in each respective sport.

Existing WIAA baseball and softball season regulations allow for the re-scheduling of "missed" games once the WIAA Tournament Series has begun--but only those games which have been previously scheduled. This relief allows for contests not previously scheduled.

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