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Chippewa Falls Invitational
Sept. 16, 2017

I was standing next to a group of girls from the Superior High School swim team.  hey were cheering on their teammates, and when they finished and noticed that a swimmer in another lane had no one cheering for her. All of the ladies moved over to that swimmer's lane and cheered in support of her finishing the race. Throughout the day, I noticed that the Superior swim team to other lanes to help swimmers that had no one to cheer for them. It was not only great to see these girls support their teammates, but also supporting girls swimming.  Congrats Superior!

Reporting Official:  Eric Olson

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Platteville @ Lodi
Sept. 8, 2017

During my captain's meeting, I gave my usual chat about captains being the leaders that the team members will look to in terms of sportmanship. The Platteville captain proactively spoke up, and said "Sportsmanship is really important to our team.  Our swimmers will wait at the end of the lane until the last swimmer finishes the race. Is that important to your team also?"  The Lodi captain agreed.  What was remarkable about this conversation is that the captain had a clear idea of what good sportsmanship was, could articulate it clearly as an action, and basically invited the other team to come on board and also demonstrate the same behavior. I have never had a captain's meeting that has included an athlete's definition of sportmanship and invitation to join in. It was a refreshing and extraordinary discussion that showed the captain's and team's ownership of the sportsmanship demonstrated at the meet.

Reporting Official:  Pat Coyne

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