Ranking Officials

Varsity head coaches are required to rank officials after each varsity contest.  Coaches must wait at least 36 hours after the contest to submit a ranking.

To access the ranking page, coaches must be logged in with their current WIAA login information.  Once they are logged in they will go under the Officials tab and click on Officials Center.  When the new page opens go under the Ranking tab at the top of the page and click on Rank Officials.  There are a number of ways to find the official that is to be ranked.  If the official provided the coach with a ranking sheet from the contest they will see a Rank ID on the sheet and can enter that number into the Rank ID box, click submit and the game to be ranked will appear.  If the official did not give them that sheet with the Rank ID number they can either search by school name or official’s name.  If the contest they are trying to rank does not appear, it means the official they are trying to rank did not enter the contest into the system.  If that happens a coach can click on the AdHoc Ranking button and complete the information requested.

A detailed manual has been developed to help guide athletic directors and coaches through the ranking process.  That manual can be access through the help menu on the ranking page.

Requirement For All Paid Coaches

Beginning with the 2017-18 school year, all paid coaches shall be certified and will maintain certification in First Aid, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) certification and AED operation

Click here for a listing of certification resources.

High School Coaches Information

Coaches that are not licensed to teach are required to take a coaching fundamentals course as well as a sports first aid course before they may coach their second year at a WIAA member senior high school.

These two courses can be taken either through the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) or the American Sports Education Program (ASEP) Note: The coaching course through ASEP is called Coaching Techniques.

Cost for courses through NFHS:
$35 for Fundamentals of Coaching
$35 for First Aid, Health and Safety for Coaches

Contact ASEP at for current pricing of their courses.

The following individuals do not have to take an approved course:

  • A student teacher while student teaching.
  • An individual with an administrator or counselor license.
  • Guest lecturers (one time appearance).

The following individuals must take an approved course before they can coach a second year:

  • Anyone that does not fit one of the above listed categories.
  • Anyone that does not have a current license to teach in Wisconsin's public schools.

The following conditions do not exempt a person from the requirement:

  • Holding a license to teach that has expired.
  • Being a volunteer.
  • Being unpaid.
  • Being an occasional, but regularly scheduled lecturer or demonstrator.
  • Having been a student teacher, but is no longer officially in that capacity.
  • Being a nonvarsity coach.
  • Being an assistant coach.

Course requirements may be waived if individual shows documentation of study in Sports Psychology, Injury Prevention and Treatment (Sports Medicine), Teaching Techniques (Pedagogy) and Litigation/Liability (Risk Management).

Communication within an athletic department is an integral part to the overall success of the athletic program.

Athletic directors need to be in contact with coaches, coaches with their players and parents and vice versa.

A ladder of responsibility approach can be very effective in making sure all parties involved in a given issue are communicating effectively. The WIAA was established to serve its member schools. In order to serve the members effectively, inquires should come directly from individuals of a member school and not from parents.

Here is a suggested way for dealing with questions:

Example: Player or his/her parent has a question about a WIAA eligibility rule. Player/parent should contact the individual in their district responsible for athletic eligibility.
Step 1 – Player/parent should ask his/her athletic director for an answer to his/her question.
Step 2 – Athletic director should provide response if he/she knows the correct answer. If athletic director is not knowledgeable, consult WIAA materials for a possible answer or contact the WIAA for assistance.
Step 3 – Once an answer is obtained, the response should be communicated with the coach, athlete, and parent either verbally or in a written format.

Keys to the success of this approach:

1. Player/parent need to understand that questions need to be asked at the local level first and that he/she should not contact the WIAA for a response prior to seeking an answer locally.
2. Coaches should not be contacting the WIAA directly without first involving the school's athletic director. 3. If the athletic director is unable to find the answer in WIAA supplied materials, he/she needs to contact the appropriate WIAA staff member and get an answer to the question.
4. The athletic director needs to communicate the answer to the question to all involved parties in a timely manner.
5. An Athletic Director should not tell a parent to call the WIAA directly to obtain an answer to his/her question. If the athletic director does not know the answer to the specific question, the athletic director should call the WIAA for assistance.

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Video & Exam Requirement

Rules Meetings & ExamsAll coaches are required to watch the rules video and write the exam each season in the sport they coach.

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