Eight-Player Jamboree

2014 Eight-Player Programs

Abundant Life/Madison Country Day/Saint Ambrose
Bowler/Gresham Community
Elkhart Lake-Glenbeulah
Green Bay N.E.W. Lutheran
Lena/St. Thomas Aquinas
New Auburn
Northwood/Solon Springs – (*236)
Oneida Nation
Prairie Farm
Three Lakes 
Valley Christian
Wayland Academy
Wisconsin School for the Deaf

* Only schools with a three-year enrollment average of 200 or less are eligible for the end-of-the-season jamboree.

Schools with a three-year enrollment average of 200 or less are eligible for the end-of-the-season jamboree. All but one school playing an eight-player schedule this season qualifies for the jamboree. Northwood/Solon Springs has a three-year enrollment averaging over 200.

The WIAA sponsored reduced-player football prior to the advent of the football playoff system in 1976. There were 78 schools that fielded reduced-player squads in the late 1950s, 72 of which were eight-player teams and six that were six-player. However, that number dwindled to just a few programs by 1969.

updated 8/12/14

2013 8-Player Jamboree Information

2013 WIAA Eight-Player Football Jamboree
Saturday, Nov. 2
Stiehm Stadium
,  Schofield, Wis.

  Oakfield 47 Bowler/Gresham 46
  Elkhart Lake-Glenbeulah 22 Bruce 8
  Gibraltar 46 Luck 38
  Green Bay N.E.W. Lutheran 26 Prairie Farm 20

Jamboree Spectator Guide

Stiehm Stadium, D.C. Everest Junior High School, 1000 Machmueller Street, Schofield, WI 54476 Map

8-Player vs. 11-Player


GENERAL: Eleven-player rules are used for eight-player football with the following modifications. 

RULE 1: Each team has 8 players. The field is 80 yards between goal lines and 40 yards wide with  15-yard side zones. Seven-yard marks, 12 inches in length and 4 inches in width, shall be located 7 yards from each sideline. The 7-yard marks shall be marked so that at least each 10-yard line bisects the 7-yard marks. These marks shall not be required if the field is visibly numbered. If on-the-field numbers are used, the tops of those numbers shall be 7 yards from the sideline. By state association adoption, the 11-player field may be designated as official, and the dimensions of the field may be altered. 

RULE 2: The free-blocking zone is a square area extending laterally 3 yards either side of the spot of the 

snap and 3 yards behind each line of scrimmage. 

RULE 2: The Outside Nine Yard Mark and Between Nine Yard Mark Conferences shall be held outside or 

between the seven yard marks, respectively. 

RULE 6:K’s free-kick line is its 30-yard line and R’s free-kick line is the 40. 

RULE 7: a. At least five A players shall be on their line at the snap and may have any legal jersey number. 

b. After the ball is marked ready for play, each player of A who participated in the previous 

down, and each substitute for A must have been, momentarily, between the 7-yard marks, 

before the snap. 

c. Each A player (regardless of jersey number) who at the snap was on an end of the 

 scrimmage line (total of two) and each A  

player who at the snap was legally behind the 

scrimmage line (possible total of three) is eligible. 

RULE 8: On the eight-player field, the ball is snapped after a touchback and is free kicked after a safety 

from the 15-yard line. 

RULE 10: The basic spot for a foul as in 10-4-6 shall be the 15-yard line.

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