Boys Hockey

State Scoreboard

Boys State Championship Final

Team 1 2 3 OT T
Wausau West
0 0 0 0
2 3 1 6

2015 State Tournament

2015 State Boys Hockey Tournament
Thursday-Saturday, March 5-7, 2015
Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Alliant Energy Center, Madison

Thursday, March 5 - Boys Quarterfinals
Cedarburg (24-2-2) 3, Reedsburg Co-op (22-4-2) 2 - Stats
Superior (12-15-1) 4,  Janesville Parker/Craig (17-9-2) 2 Stats
Madison Memorial (22-5-1) 4,  Eau Claire Memorial (19-6-3) 3 Stats
Wausau West (21-4-3) 4,  Appleton East Co-op (22-5-1) 3 Stats

Friday, March 6 - Boys Semifinals
Superior  (13-15-1) 3, Cedarburg (24-3-2) 0 Stats
Wausau West (22-4-3) 6, Madison Memorial (22-6-1) 3 Stats

Saturday, March 7 - Championships
Superior (14-15-1) 6, Wausau West (22-5-3) 0 Stats

2015 Tournament Series Bracket & Results

Tournament Bracket


Ticket & Parking Information

TICKETS: Tickets are available only upon arrival at Veterans Memorial Coliseum at the Alliant Energy Center. General admission is $8/session. A session is two games.  Session 1 is games 1 and 2; Session 2 is games 3 & 4; Session 3 is games 5 & 6; Session 4 is games 7 & 8; Session 5 is games 9 & 10.  Students 13 years old and younger, wearing a hockey sweater/jersey will be admitted for $5/session.  Children under 6-years old may be admitted for $1. Ticket booths are located on the east and west entrances of the Coliseum. The doors open for ticket sales and admission one hour prior to the start of each session. All purchases at the Alliant Energy Center must by made in person with cash, check or money order made payable to WIAA. No credit cards or phone orders accepted. No tickets can be held.

PARKING: Parking at the Alliant Energy Center is abundant around Veterans Memorial Coliseum. The parking fee is $7 for automobiles.

Allowed with Conditions

  • Temporary banners are allowed, with some restrictions. This includes the kinds that are carried by hand. These banners may NOT have offensive language, be used to disrupt players or officials, interfere with spectators, or be carried around the facility.
  • Larger "team spirit" banners will be permitted on the railing in front of student sections (only). Banners must be secured with string or plastic ties. NO TAPE may be used to secure banners.
  • Team run-throughs will be allowed off ice at the players’ entrance to the rink, several feet from the ice sheet, to minimize debris on the playing surface.
  • Shakers and pennants for spectators, cheerleaders, and pom-pom squads are allowed, even if attached to wooden/plastic sticks. “Homer hankies,” towels and “hands” with “No. 1 fingers” are permitted. These items may contain no printing except school name, team nickname, and/or school mascot.
  • Spectators may use a hand held-video camera from regular seating areas. Monopods are ok, but tripods and power cables are not allowed.

Not Allowed

  • Coolers, canned, or bottled goods.
  • Paper confetti.
  • Noisemakers may not disrupt or interfere with playing action. Air horns, whistles and devices that simulate gunfire are NOT allowed (cannons, cap pistols, etc.).
  • Tape decks, radios, and amplification equipment.
  • Balloons, beach balls, etc.
  • Tripods and power cables.
  • Laser pointers will be confiscated and the individual will be ejected. Dane County ordinance can lead to fines in excess of $100.
  • Throwing anything on the ice or in the seating area.
  • Body paint. (Face paint is permitted)
  • The Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association objects to activities or uses of materials that may be offensive to members of American Indian or other ethnic communities. The Association, therefore, discourages schools with American Indian or ethnic mascots from bringing mascots, posters, etc., to facilities hosting tournament play that are managed by the WIAA or a member school. This includes displaying logos or participating in chants, yells, gestures, or other activities that potentially influence incorrect and inappropriate attitudes about the American Indian or any ethnic heritage.

State Tournament Spectator Guide

Hockey Clinic

Third Annual Future All-Stater Hockey Clinic

Saturday, March 7, 2015
Alliant Energy Center, Madison, WI
9-11 a.m. (Registration opens - 8:30 a.m.)

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