Boys Basketball

100th Tournament Schedule of Events

Thursday, March 19
11 a.m. - Doors Open

PreGame Tip-Off Party
Video at Noon - view
displays, cake and
commemorative pins

During the Tourney
VIP's on hand and
introduced throughout
the course of the event

Flavor of the Tourney

Commemorative Program
40-page program
highlighting past


The 100th WIAA Boys State
Basketball Tournament is
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State Tournament Information

2016 Boys State Basketball Championships 
Kohl Center, Madison - March 17-18-19
Regionals: March 1, 4 & 5 
Sectionals: March 10 & 12


Kohl Center Spectator Guidelines - View Illegal Items Info

The following items will NOT be allowed in the Kohl Center (all spectators are subject to search):

  • Strollers, coolers, thermoses, bottles, cans, bags, banners, flags, and food items of any kind. Note: Large school flags will be allowed, but must come in with the Cheerleaders.
  • Backpacks and any bag larger than 8.5" x 11".
  • No artificial noisemakers: stadium horns, cow bells, bottles with rocks in them.
  • Weapons of any kind.
  • Thunder Stixs will NOT be allowed.
  • Laptop computers.
  • Balloons, paper confetti, spray string, etc.
  • Alcohol and/or drugs.
  • Large signs.  A hand-held sign that is no larger than a piece of tag board that can be held by one person will be allowed.  Signs may NOT have sticks attached to them.
  • Break-through hoops - UNLESS hand held.
  • Stereo tape decks, boom boxes, and other related radio equipment. MP3 players are allowed.
  • Laser pointers.
  • Body and face paint paint. No paint of any kind will be allowed.
  • No paint stir sticks.
  • Cameras with lens greater than 100 mm.  No mono/tripods.
  • All spectators are expected to be clothed appropriately with faces clearly visible. Inappropriate attire will be dealt with.
  • Spectators attempting to enter the Kohl Center carrying prohibited items will have them confiscated or be told to return the item(s) to their vehicle. There is no place to store illegal items at the Kohl Center.
  • Antics involving throwing of paper airplanes or coins, etc., will result in the violator being removed from the Kohl Center.
  • Fans may not leave their seats to join cheerleaders or the band in doing such things as the polka.
  • Fans may not leave their seats to become involved in such things as slapping players hands during introductions, forming a tunnel for their players to run through as they enter or exit the court, etc.
  • Fans may not allow others to sit on their shoulders or stand on seats or railings.
  • Fans are NOT allowed on the floor of the Kohl Center following the completion of their game.

Review the history of the WIAA Boys State Basketball tournaments by reading the summaries from the WIAA Yearbooks for the years 1924-1999.  Learn interesting facts about the game and the teams that participated in these tournaments.  Interesting tidbits and team photos are a part of the collection.

Boys State Basketball Championships - courtesy WIAA Yearbooks

2015 Boys State Basketball Bracket

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