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Monday, January 23, 2017

Weight Class Eligibility (3 questions)

Q - A wrestler weighs in at the 126# class prior to December 25th. He weighs 126.3 #'s. In what weight classes may he compete?

A - The wrestler would be eligible to compete in the 132 and 138 pound weight classes. Despite the fact that they weighed in at the 126 # class.  It is not expected nor allowed that they again approach the scale with the 132# contestants. Coaches are always encouraged to weigh in their athletes at the lowest weight class that they anticipate that they may be weight eligible to compete. They will not be penalized because they weighed in at a lower weight class and were unable to make that weight.

Q - Then how about a wrestler that approaches the scale at the 132# class and weighs 125.8. At what weight classes may he compete?

A - The wrestler would be restricted to the 132# weight class. Once they approach the scale with the 132# contestants they are no longer eligible to compete at any weight class lower than 132. They are not eligible for 138 because that would be 2 weight classes above their actual weight. 

Q - During a dual meet, a wrestler for the 138# class approaches the score-table and the referee determines that he is not weight eligible to compete at that weight class. Will that individual be disqualified and the match awarded to his opponent? 

A - No. He had not officially checked in because the referee did not accept that individual due to their ineligibility. The wrestler may be withdrawn and the team may send a different contestant to compete. (This error may be corrected without penalty to the contestants - rule 6-2-2). Had he been accepted by the referee, and this error was detected prior to the start of the next match, they would be disqualified and the match awarded to their opponent. 


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