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New Holstein @ Winneconne
Oct. 16, 2018

Both teams were very respectful during the game. Even with a very lopsided score, the boys kept it respectful and within their emotional control. Neither team became frustrated and continued to ask if either was OK if either went down. Both coaches continued to encourage their players despite the large discrepancy in the score. I was truly impressed by their behavior, and it helped the game run so smoothly and safely.  Thank you to both.  They both should be proud of themselves!

Reporting Official:  Mary McCutcheon

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Kiel @ Kohler Sept. 25, 2018 It is a great game when the center official blows his whistle for around five total fouls the entire game. I absolut...
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Fort Atkinson @ Lake Mills
Sept. 13, 2018

The night was hot, muggy with a lot of mosquitoes but that did not deter the exhibition of a lot of good sportsmanship by both teams.The game was physical but when there was a hard tackle and the players went down, the opposing players were there to help up their opponents.The game resulted in a 5 to 5 tie and was memorable not only for the exceptional play but because both teams were respectable and polite to each other and the officials.

Reporting Official:  Thomas Vergeront

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Amery @ Rice Lake
Sept. 8, 2018

Andy Otto (#13) displayed impresseive leadership after one of his teammates was issued a caution during the match. Andy identified the issue at hand and talked his teammate through it, remaining positive during his discussion, and not blaming anyone else for the issue. Andy will continue to be a positive influence on his teammates at Amery and on the game of soccer. Thank you, Andy!

Reporting Official:  Tom Rosenow

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Wauwatosa West at Kenosha Klash Tournament
Sept. 2, 2018

I had the pleasure to center Wauwatosa West twice for the Kenosha Klash Tournament. I want to stress how respectful the players were to officials and other players. When there is a need to communicate with officials, they do so in a very respectful and calm manner, as does their coach. I praise the Wauwatosa West administration for finding a coach who instilled a culture they felt best represents their school and community. That is a culture of competitiveness that does not supersede sportsmanship, respect and civility.

Reporting Official:  Matthew Tuttle

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