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Elcho/White Lake @ Crandon
Oct. 13, 2017

Our crew would like to recognize the outstanding sportsmanship of the Elcho/White Lake Wolverines coaching staff and players. What an honor it was to officiate this team. The crew was impressed with the coaching staff and players’ upbeat attitude and sportsmanship. The coaches were supportive of the game and of the officials with the positive energy they exhibited. Though the game was not going in their favor, the coaches motivated players to stay strong and have fun. The words and actions of the coaches kept the players resilient during the contest.  The coaches’ words were positive and kept the game exciting for their players. They were also positive and supportive of the officials, asking good questions and honoring the answers provided. After a multiple foul play and after the signals were provided to the fans and after correcting a timing error towards the end of the game, Coach Kizirian commented on how the cheers were for the officials. Though this may not be actually the case, his laughter and positive attitude made the contest an enjoyable event to officiate. The coaches’ behavior drained into the players of the Wolverine football Team. Not once did the officials hear a negative comment by the players among players on the team or to the opposing team. They helped players of both sides off the turf, found officials to give the ball to, and communicated well with their coaches and officials, which kept the game running smoothly.  At halftime and on the ride home, the officials discussed the leadership of Wolverine quarterback. He was respectful, took responsibility, positively motivated his players, and kept smiling and having fun. Our crew commented how his actions were the most enjoyable to view thus far this year.  This style of behavior on the field is modeled and taught by the coaches who lead by example. The officiating crew would like to congratulate the efforts of the Elcho/White Lake coaching staff.  Success isn’t always shown by wins and losses. If this type of behavior was consistent throughout the 2017 football season, the Wolverines had a very successful season.

Reporting Official:  Shawn Umland

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