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Sportsmanship Plus - Football

Wausau East @ Rhinelander
Sept. 13, 2019

Congratulations to Rhinelander’s Coach Kraemer for his exceptional efforts of coaching sportsmanship with his staff and players. His coaching strategy keeps his players motivated and positive. The wing official stated Rhinelander exhibited the most class he has experienced with words and actions. The lines judge stated the coaching staff was respectful and appreciated the efforts of the officials regarding explanations. The team of coaches kept their players motivated and well instructed on the game and how to interact with the opposing team. Last, we experienced a team of coaches who kept their players and themselves inside the box at the snap and throughout the play. We never had to remind them like we normally do every Friday night. The players did an fantastic job on the field. They kept their words positive and helped players of both teams of the turf. The backs found and gave the umpire the ball immediately so he could ensure the ball was kept dry during a very rainy evening. The captains asked good questions and communicated effectively with each other and officials. The fans were great! We didn’t hear any negative comments, and this could be attributed to an announcer that was positive for both teams, educational on sportsmanship, entertaining and humorous. The fans provided positive cheers for their team during great plays as well as sub-par plays. The parents’ and fans’ actions teach students how to properly behave in society when the game is meant for entertainment and to teach many life lessons. The community of Rhinelander should be proud of the actions of their coaches, players, and fans as we enjoy the great game of football.

Reporting Official: Shawn Umland

Sportsmanship Plus - Girl Volleyball

Webster @ Luck
Sept. 6, 2019

There was great sportsmanship displayed by both coaches, teams and fans. Each set was very competitive. On one occasion as one of the sets was nearing the end, a player from Luck hit the ball and it landed out of bounds, but before the ball landed a player from Webster was in the net. The Webster  team was already celebrating what they thought was their point. When the captain came to me, I clarified that one of her teammates was in the net before the ball landed out of bounds. Her response was very respectful even though the call went against them and even though it was a very important point in the set.  On another occasion, there was some confusion about the libero replacement. A player from Luck also displayed great poise and confidence and asked for clarification of when the libero could come back in. What a great night!

Reporting Official:  David Smith

Sportsmaship Plus - Girls Volleyball

Black River Falls @ Luther
Sept. 9, 2019

These two teams hustled throughout and worked hard from the first serve to the last point. The coaches also coached hard the entire match and were very positive throughout. In addition, the fans from both schools were outstanding and were always cheering in a positive manner. I particularly want to acknowledge the players from Black River Falls. It was a tough match for their team, and  they fought hard and showed great sportsmanship. After the match was over they shook hands with the Luther players and genuinely congratulated them. Then, after they shook hands with the Luther players, they came to me as the R1 official and shook my hand and thanked me for reffing the match. These young ladies showed everyone what high school athletics is all about. Congratulations to both teams and schools for showing true sportsmanship and showing everyone what high school athletes, coaches, and fans should be!

Reporting Official:  Lance Bagstad

Sportsmanship Plus - Football

Denmark @ Wrightstown
Friday, Aug. 30, 2019

Both high school administrators and communities of Denmark and Wrightstown should be proud for the way these young men and coaches carried themselves during game. Prior to kick-off and throughout a highly competitive game, the coaches and players addressed our crew with class and manners of the highest standards we have ever seen! This game demonstrated first class leadership by the coaching staffs of Denmark and Wrightstown, carried down through every player and made us appreciate why we officiate to begin with. Our crew would like to tip our hats to both programs especially Coach Neuman and Coach Klister for their professionalism, words of encouragement to their players, and for being a positive role model for their respective programs and communities.

Reporting Official:  Rhoderick Fields

Sportsmanship Plus - Football

Plymouth @ Sheboygan Falls
Friday, Aug. 30, 2019

This was a close game with a lot of aggressiveness and hard hitting, but no dirty play or trash talking from either team. All the players and coaches treated us with respect and made it a pleasure to officiate this game. These were two very good teams and we wish them the best the rest of this season!

Reporting Official:  Steve Kiel