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Sportsmanship Plus - Cross Country

Spooner Invitational 
Aug. 31, 2017

I witnessed an amazing sportsmanship moment when the Chetek-Weyerhaeuser CC team members once again greeted and cheered every single runner coming across the finish line for both varsity and middle school runners. The smiles, high fives, pats on the back and cheering was so feverish that when the boys race was finishing, I witnessed the swelling of runners at the back of the finish chute swell to include five schools and just shy of 40 athletes join in the celebration. All because Chetek-Weyerhaeuser athletes had started on their own. It was an electrifying moment to witness not only for me and my partner, but for all the fans as well. These athletes from Chetek-Weyerhaeuser have consistently demonstrated this sportsmanship over the past several years and continue again this year demonstrating this is for real. A trait instilled from within the coaching philosophy and administration as well and certainly worthy of recognition in our northwest region if not the state.

Barron Invitational
Sept. 19, 2017

Once more the athletes from the Chetek-Weyerhaeuser high school were greeting runners at the finish line with hoots and hollers that roared above the crowd. I have been shooting videos of these athletes to document their spirit and enthusiasm at each meet, and never fail, its always there.  And if you watch and listen closely you can feel the impact on the crowd and other fellow athletes at the venue. What a great group of athletes demonstrating the true aspect of sportsmanship for themselves and athletes from all around them.  It makes no difference whether or not the runners are in the top or bottom 10. The cheering is the same. Its loud!  Its enthusiastic!  Its magnetic!  Its great!

Reporting Official: Dick Nerbun

Sportsmanship Plus - Football

Edgar @ Tomahawk
Sept. 1, 2017

Our officiating crew would like to acknowledge the outstanding sportsmanship displayed by the Tomahawk head coach John Larsen, his staff, and the players. The coaches did an exceptional job of modeling positive sportsmanship. They were upbeat with their commands, kept their players motivated and working hard, and were positive with their comments and actions. Mr. Larsen did an extraordinary job of keeping his coaches and players out of the restricted area during plays. The modeling of proper behavior by the coaches allowed the players to be positive and attentive to the rules, exhibit good sportsmanship, and listen to the suggestions of the officials. We appreciate the optimistic actions of the entire program.We were honored to officiate the game.

Reporting Official:  Shawn Umland

Sportsmanship Plus - Boys Soccer

Fond du Lac @ Beaver Dam
Aug. 31, 2017

This was a competitive game with both teams demonstrating tremendous sportsmanship and respect for the game. Players helped their opponent up after a foul and both sides kept their energy properly channeled. The behavior demonstrated by both teams is a testament to the efforts of their coaches and both programs, their schools, and communities should be proud.

Reporting Official:  Willliam Loss

Sportsmanship Plus - Football

Pius XI Catholic @ New Berlin West
Aug. 25, 2017

I would like to commend Coach Swabek, his staff, and his players. During the game, which wasn't going in their favor, Coach Swabek and his staff were heard constantly encouraging the players and coaching them up. The players, in turn, were supporting each other through out the game. The team played every down as if the score were 0-0 and played hard the entire game. We are unbiased, but it was internally very nice to see them have some successes in the later parts of the game, all of which was made possible by their consistent dedication to getting better one play at a time.

Reporting Official:  Paul Jakubowski

Sportsmanship Plus - Football

Waupun @ New Holstein
Aug. 25, 2017

Coach Matt Rupp and his coaching staff displayed outstanding sportsmanship during their football game Friday vs. Waupun. The sidelines were consistently emphasizing high character and taking the high the road. The players bought into the message that the coaching staff was delivering, and a lot of the credit needs to be given to those players who, even during a difficult game, were able to keep their sportsmanship.  

Reporting Official:  Casey Pivonka


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