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Sportsmanship Plus - Boys Basketball

Amherst vs. Platteville
Jan. 27, 2018

This game was the total package basketball game. Class act coaches and players with a great atmosphere created by youth leading cheers and being positive sources of energy for their teams.  Platteville girls varsity team is to commended for leading cheers to support their boys team. The game went into overtime and it was just an amazing atmosphere. Great fans, great teams and great game!.  

Reporting Official:  Brian Kenney

Sportsmanship Plus - Wrestling

Arcadia Invitational
Jan. 20, 2018

Cochrane-Fountain City showed excellent sportsmanship all day. The coaches and wrestlers were very respectful to the officials.  

Reporting Official: Bradyn Korpal

Sportsmanship Plus - Boys Basketball

Gillett @ St. Thomas Aquinas
Jan. 23, 2018

The two teams played hard and displayed excellent sportsmanship. The fans were great. St. Thomas Aquinas had a group of girls that cheered on their team and never said anything bad about their opponents. It was a fun atmosphere to work in.

Reporting Official: Michael Lyons

Sportsmanship Plus - Boys Basketball

Turner @ Clinton
Dec. 28, 2017

My officiating partners and I would like to commend the Clinton boys basketball team and coaching staff for the way that they conducted themselves during this hard fought game. The coaching staff openly asked our officiating group questions regarding calls we had made. They were professional during each and every encounter, accepted our explanations and thanked us every time. The players did likewise. They played hard and were respectful throughout the course of the game. Clinton certainly proved to us that their coaching staff is teaching the right things and leading by example.  Well done!

Reporting Official:  Martin Stewart

Sportsmanship Plus - Boys Basketball

Suring @ Niagara
Dec. 8, 2017

The game was extremely well played. It was obvious that these teams were well-coached. The players were respectful throughout the game, and the coaches coached their team and handled all discussions with the officials in a professional manner. The fans cheered positively for their team. Sportsmanship was definitely observed and well appreciated.

Reporting Official:  Michael Lyons

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