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Sportsmanship Plus - Girls Volleyball

Germantown vs. Sheboygan North
Sept. 1, 2018

Germantown and Sheboygan North were in the championship match of the Germantown Tournament.  The girls fought very hard, and the score was tight throughout in all three sets. Everyone was polite, played hard and showed great sportsmanship at the conclusion of the match. The players from Sheboygan North came over to us and shook our hands and told us that we did a great job. I thought that was exceptional following such a close loss and how hard they played.

Reporting Official:  Donna Wilson

Sportsmanship Plus - Football

Abbotsford @ Marathon
Aug. 31, 2018

Our officiating crew would like to acknowledge the outstanding sportsmanship displayed by the Marathon  Abbotsford head coaches, their staff, and entire sidelines during their contest. We experienced a spirited contest between two talented and hardworking teams, and the officials would like to applaud the actions of both head coaches. The coaches did an exceptional job of modeling positive sportsmanship. Coaches were upbeat with their commands, kept their players motivated and working hard, and were positive and encouraging with their comments and actions. Their coaching styles and their modeling of proper behavior allowed the players to be positive and attentive to the rules, exhibit good sportsmanship, and listen to the suggestions of the officials.  We appreciate the optimistic actions of both school’s football programs.   We were honored to officiate the class acts of Head Coach Ryan Winkler and Head Coach Jacob Knapmiller and their staffs.  We wish them continued success in their ability to teach the most important role of sports, Sportsmanship!

Reporting Official:  Shawn Umland

Sportsmanship Plus - Football

Winter/Birchwood @ Prairie Farm
Aug. 31, 2018

I would like to recognize the coaches, players and fans for both schools in showing good sportsmanship throughout the game. The players helped each other to get up after each play, and the coaches showed nothing but respect to all officials. Thanks for letting us be part of this well-played game.

Reporting Official:  Patrick Plumer

Sportsmanship Plus - Football

Fox Valley Lutheran @ Luxemburg-Casco
Aug. 24, 2018

The schools of Luxemburg Casco and Fox Valley Lutheran should be proud of their players as they displayed excellent sportsmanship throughout the game. Players were observed helping up opponents and tapping opponents on the helmet after a great play. In addition, both teams were respectful to opponents. A special shout out to Luxemburg-Casco Athletic Director Jenny Bandow. She greeted us at the school, provided the crew with towels, gave us water, and provided us with some food after the game. Thank you Jenny for your wonderful hospitality!  

Reporting Official:  James Schaefer

Sportsmanship Plus-Football

Brown Deer @ Sheboygan Falls
Aug. 17, 2018

All the players and coaches were very respectful to other players and officials. It is this type of sportsmanship that makes it enjoyable to officiate high school sports, but is something that we don’t always see. All the kids played hard from start to finish, and they will see success because of the hard work.  

Reporting Official:  Steve Kiel


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