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Sportsmanship Plus - Girls Basketball

Niagara @ Wausaukee
Jan. 11, 2019

The atmosphere was a fun in which to work. The two teams played hard with a great sense of sportsmanship. Each team battled hard but with respect for each other and the game. The fans were great for both teams. They cheered appropriately for their teams.

Reporting Official:  Michael Lyons

Op-Ed: Dear Mom and Dad: Cool it!

If you are the mother or father of a high school athlete here in Wisconsin, this message is primarily for you. When you attend an athletic event that involves your son or daughter, cheer to your heart’s content, enjoy the camaraderie that high school sports offer and have fun. But when it comes to verbally criticizing game officials or coaches, cool it.   

Sportsmanship: A Universal Code of Conduct

by Maddie Hodge

Good sportsmanship is deemed the foundation for fair play, ethical behavior, and integrity, which encourages fun and safe athletic competitions, especially in the state of Wisconsin.

Sportsmanship Plus - Boys Basketball

Cameron @ Chetek
Saturday, Dec. 1, 2018

Throughout the rivalry game it became more and more apparent we wouldn’t have any sportsmanship issues. It was apparent that both teams had respect for the game, officials, and opponents!  I went out of my way after game to tell both coaches, as well as the Chetek athletic director that I was super impressed with the sportsmanship and respect of the players and coaches.

Reporting Official:  Nick Pack

Sportsmanship Plus - Girls Basketball

Neillsville @ Greenwood
Tuesday, Dec. 4, 2018

We were greeted by the athletic director at the door and taken to our room.  The AD was friendly and always asking if there was anything we needed. During the game,  the coaches, fans and players were fantastic. Coaches had questions, but they asked them in a respectful manner. Fans were cheering for their team. Players were playing hard as a team and were very friendly and receptive to the feedback we provided.  Following the game, the AD was there and promptly took us to the locker room and thanked us for our time. It was truly a great game to officiate.

Reporting Official:  Franklin Searer


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