WIAA Tournament Series Photo/Video/Audio Policy


Any non-editorial, commercial or other unauthorized use of any transmission, internet stream, photo, image, film, videotape, audio tape, play-by-play depiction or description of any competition and/or game action; and/or any non-editorial or commercial use of any team school name or logo is strictly prohibited without written consent of the WIAA.


A license to commercialize on the sale of images captured or transmissions originated at WIAA regional and sectional tournament events, or levels 1-4 for football, may be purchased and granted through the WIAA executive office. Commercialization and/or sale of images taken or transmissions originating at the WIAA State Tournaments is strictly prohibited without written consent of the WIAA.


Spectators are permitted to take photos for personal, non-commercial purposes and to record audio and/or video for personal, non-commercial and/or non-transmittable purposes.


Spectators attending WIAA State Tournament events may also be subject to restrictions on the electronic devices, sizes of cameras and/or camera lenses according to venue policies.