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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Sportsmanship Plus - Football

Green Bay West @ New London
Sept. 28, 2018

Both teams played hard and by the rules, showing respect for their opponents. Often in games of this nature it's easy to lose focus and get frustrated but these teams displayed none of this. The coaching staffs of both teams continued to be positive and tend to business which on the surface would seem to be the norm. I would like to single out one player in particular, Green Bay West's #28, who while they were behind in the first quarter while we were lining up for the free kick approached me and said, "Thank you for reffing our game tonight and for keeping the players on both sides safe.  Please tell the other officials I said that.” To me this displays a great deal of character and speaks to the quality of coaching these athletes are receiving.

Reporting Official:  Dave Zoch