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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Sportsmanship Plus - Football

Suring @ Three Lakes/Phelps
Sept. 28, 2018

We wish to acknowledge the best sideline we have experienced so far this year. Our hats off to Coach Tyler Maney for the exceptional efforts of coaching sportsmanship with his staff and players.  His coaching strategy keeps his players motivated and positive. First, Coach Maney did an excellent job helping the officials with some timing issues at the beginning of the contest and during the game.  He went up to the Suring coach to inform him that the timing will be corrected and apologized.  Second, Coach Maney and his staff did a great job keeping words positive and accepting the explanations of officials. He created the time to provide teachable moments for his players and recognized the positive acts of officials. It is evident that Mr. Maney’s attitude and actions rub off on his staff and players as they were respectful towards each other and the opponent. Our crew saw the hands of the Three Lakes players extended to help the opponents off the turf. Third, the players provided the football to an official immediately to keep the flow of the game, asked good questions, and respectfully listened to the officials as we work towards preventative officiating. Last, we saw a group of coaches who kept their players and themselves inside the box at the snap and throughout the play.  We never had to remind them like we normally have to do every Friday night. The fans were exceptional!  Not once did we hear a negative comment. They did what positive fans do, cheer on their team during great plays, as well as subpar plays. The parents’ and fans’ actions teach students how to properly behave in society when the game is meant for entertainment and to teach the many lessons of life. Our crew officiated a hard hitting game that saw players from both teams acting as young adults should in a spirited contest. The communities of Three Lake and Phelps should be proud of the actions of their coaches, players, and fans as we enjoy the great game of football.

Reporting Official:  Shawn Umland