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Rules and Regulations


As the winter months continue on and snow prevents golf courses throughout Wisconsin from opening, golf coaches are reminded of the WIAA Home Course /practice regulation. This regulation allows WIAA high school golf programs to use three identified courses as practice sites where a WIAA golf team may be competing during the regular season and/or WIAA tournament series.

If other courses open prior to any of a school’s “home courses,” school golf programs can practice at these courses so long as the following criteria are met:

1.  The course will not be the site of a regular season or tournament series meet.

2.  The course is 25 miles or less from school or the school’s administration approves of the team traveling to this practice site.

3.  No WIAA golf teams can practice at University Ridge.

4.  The WIAA does not endorse loss of school time for golf practice.  

School administrators and coaches are reminded that golfers can go to any course on their own (with their father, mother, brother, sister, relative, friend, etc.) at any time without a coach being present and this practice does not count towards a team’s 15 meet maximum. 

WIAA Spring Season Regulations for Boy’s Golf indicates:  Page 14, 9., “A school which practices on a course (except a home course(s)) where later in the season (regular season and WIAA tournament series) it will be competing must count such practice in its maximum allowed meets.  Each school golf team may designate up to three courses in their area as their “home course.”  Exceptions:  One practice round will be allowed at the sectional site outside the 15 meet maximum.  Teams participating in the State Tournament will be allowed one designated practice round on the State Tournament site outside the 15 meet maximum.  University Ridge Golf Course may not be designated as a “home course” for any school golf program.”

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