2013-14 Officials Accident Medical and General Liability Insurance and Catastrophic Accident Medical Insurance Programs

Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association Insurance Program for Officials
Today’s game officials need the protection of a comprehensive program of insurance coverage’s. And it takes a strong team to provide those coverage’s! WIAA has teamed up with Special Markets Insurance Consultants, Inc., and AIG/National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, PA and Bollinger, Inc., and Markel Insurance Company to provide insurance for Officials licensed with the WIAA.

Who Is Covered?

Coverage is provided to all licensed officials while working regularly scheduled contests or scrimmages involving one or more WIAA member school. The contest must be a sport sanctioned by the WIAA. The official must be licensed with the WIAA as an official for one or more sports. Coverage under these policies applies to those sports and activities governed or sponsored by the WIAA. The official is also protected while participating in related activities, such as meetings, seminars and clinics.

Coverage Territory:
Coverage applies to sponsored sports and activities in the USA. Direct group travel to and from sponsored activities is covered under the Base Accident Medical policy.

Program Summaries:

General Liability Insurance

This $1,000,000 per Occurrence/$3,000,000 General Aggregate coverage is provided under the WIAA General Liability policy issued by Merkel Insurance Company. The plan is written on an Excess basis. The policy covers court judgements and awards, as well as legal fees and court costs. The policy also covers lawsuits for bodily injury, property damage and personal injury (i.e., defamation of character, libel, slander, and false arrest).

General Liability Limits: $3,000,000 General Aggregate; $1,000,000 per Occurrence; $1,000,000 Products and Completed Operations Aggregate; $1,000,000 Personal and Advertising Injury; $5,000 Medical Expense; $0 Deductible per Claim;

Accident Medical Programs
Base Accident Medical Insurance:

Coverage up to $25,000 per Injury is provided by Merkel Insurance Company, for accidental injuries. Each claim is subject to a $250 Deductible. Covered Injuries to sound and natural teeth are payable up to the full limit on the policy. This policy has a one year Benefit Period. All claims are subject to policy provisions and exclusions. This policy is Excess to other insurance coverage’s.

Base Accident Medical Limits:  $25,000 Medical Expense Benefit (52 weeks); $250 Deductible; Full Excess Policy  

Catastrophic Accident Medical Insurance:
Claims in excess of a $25,000 deductible (2 year incurral period) are covered by a Catastrophic Accident Medical policy underwritten by AIG/National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, PA.  This policy has a Medical Expense limit of $1,000,000.  There is also a $10,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefit and a $10,000 Heart and Circulatory Malfunction Benefit.  This policy has a ten year Benefit Period and is excess to any other valid and collectible insurance.

This is a benefit summary for the General Liability Insurance, Base Accident Medical Insurance and Catastrophic Accident Medical Insurance issued to the WIAA.  The master policies contain complete detail of the benefits, exclusions and qualifications of the coverage.  Should there be any discrepancy between the policy and this summary, policy provisions will prevail.

To Report A Claim
General Liability – If you are involved in an incident that results in a liability situation, please forward a copy of the summons and complaint immediately to the MARKEL INSURANCE COMPANY office. Also, as a service to all officials, an incident report will be available upon request.

Base Accident Medical – Claim forms are available from the WIAA office. Instructions for completing and submitting the claim are included on the claim form.

Base Accident Medical Insurance Underwritten By:
Markel Insurance Company

General Liability Underwritten By:
Markel Insurance Company

Catastrophic Accident Medical:  Claim forms are available from the Special Markets Insurance Consultants, Inc.  office.  Instructions for completing and submitting the claim are included on the claim form.

Catastrophic Accident Medical Insurance Underwritten by:
AIG/National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, PA
Special Markets Insurance Consultants, Inc.
2615 Post Road
Stevens Point, WI  54481

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